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Tendercare Disability Services!

Empowered by Cultural Diversity and Inclusion.

We are a disability service that identifies and develops multicultural tools to provide person-centered support services that are culturally appropriate and relevant.


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Tendercare Disability Services!

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We created TenderCare Disability Services to deliver quality care to people of diverse linguistic and cultural origins. Our fully-trained support workers foster an empowering and inclusive working environment that gives complete choice and independence to our clients.

  • Excellent communication
  • Respect and Dignity
  • Trust
  • Excellent Knowledge
  • Multicultural Professionals
  • Confidence
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TenderCare Disability Services

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As an experienced disability care provider it's our job to support you. We do this by ensuring the right disability services are provided.

Respite Care

We recognise that family members or caregivers require breaks from time to time to relax and rewind....

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Mental Health Support

At Tendercare, we recognise that access to information and services regarding mental health...

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Community Participation

Facilitating your connection with your community and your friends is at the heart of Tendercare.?...

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In Home Support

We provide assistance with household activities like every day chores, including cooking, cleaning, feeding pets and watering plants. We assist you in...

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Personal Support

Our support workers are fully committed to giving you the support and care you may require to achieve your personal goals and aspirations....

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Support Co-ordination

Support coordinators can assist you with the rollout and management of your NDIS plan by linking you with services when required and ensuring your fun...

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NDIS Services

We provide culturally appropriate and relevant care and support services.


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